Luxury Real Estate Paintings

Looking At America
Yale University Art Gallery
April 23 – July 28, 2002

$3,100,000 (St.Lucia)

In 2000, I created a series of paintings inspired by luxury real estate properties that were offered for sale by Sotheby's International Realty. Each oil painting is very small, no larger than nine by fifteen inches because I wanted to emphasize their intimate, rare quality. The title of each painting is the price and location of the estate.


When I think about them historically, they conjure up images of Dutch seventeenth-century landowners and their houses. Although my 21st century versions have no horizon lines because the vantage point of the source photos are aerial. This requires hiring a plane, a pilot, and a specialized aerial photographer. My feet are on the ground; these properties are otherworldly and beyond reach. In all my work I construct a critical vision of a life and lifestyle that are beyond the means of most Americans, but desired by many.


Luxury Real Estate Paintings were also exhibited in Patricia Cronin, The Domain of Perfect Affection, 1993 to 2003 UB Art Gallery, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY.



$2,300,000 (Emerald Isle on Money Key)




$4,250,000 (watermill)

$8,500,000 (Telluride)


$10,000,000 (Greenwich)

$15,000,000 (Southampton)


$20,000,000 (Bedford)



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